Information on the Banking System of the Russian Federation in 20191

31 January
1. Total number of CIs with banking licence2 479
of which:
— banks
of which  
— banks with a universal licence 288
— banks with a basic licence 147
— non-bank CIs 44
1.1. CIs with licence (permit) granting them the right:
— to take deposits of individuals 395
— to conduct operations in foreign currency 470
— to conduct operations with precious metals 210
1.2. Total credit institutions covered by the mandatory deposit insurance system3 402
2. Registered authorised capital of operating CIs (million rubles) 2,592,239
3. Total number of branches of operating CIs in Russia 698
of which
— Sberbank branches4
4. Total number of branches of operating CIs abroad5 6
5. Total number of representative offices of operating Russian CIs6 316
of which:
— in Russia
— in non-CIS countries 16
— in CIS countries 8
6. Total number of additional offices of CIs (branches)   20,372
of which
— Sberbank additional offices
7. Total number of cash points of CIs (branches)  1,025
of which
— Sberbank cash points
8. Total number of credit and cash offices of CIs (branches)  1,899
of which
— Sberbank credit and cash offices
9. Total number of operations offices of CIs (branches) 5,766
of which
— Sberbank operations offices
10. Total number of mobile cash points of CIs (branches)   283
of which
— Sberbank mobile cash points

* Excluding information on banking licences revoked on 01.06.2018.

1 Information is based, among other things, on data received from the authorised registering body as of the reporting date

2 Credit institutions registered by the Bank of Russia before 1 July 2002, or by the authorised registrar and having banking licence.

3 Statistics are provided in accordance with the information submitted by the state corporation Deposit Insurance Agency to the Bank of Russia as of the balance sheet date.

4 Sberbank branches that have been recorded in the State Register of Credit Institutions and received ordinal numbers. Before 1 January 1998, the monthly information on credit institutions indicated in this line the total number of Sberbank establishments — 34,426.

5 Branches opened by Russian CIs abroad.

6 Representative offices of Russian CIs abroad comprise the offices of whose opening abroad the Bank of Russia has been notified.

Updated on 11 February 2019.