Article review procedure

Article review procedure

Articles to be published are admitted only if they meet our General Format and Content Requirements. All manuscripts should be publicly available. Manuscripts containing classified information will be rejected. Authors should guarantee the original nature of their work; other authors’ publications and/or quotations should be referenced or indicated as such.

The article is registered in the Article Register with the details which include its receipt date, title and the author/authors’ full name. This information is also recorded in the database.

The article is then submitted for review to our Editorial Board and/or the corresponding department of the Bank of Russia. Each article undergoes at least two reviews.

Reviewing is only anonymous.

The reviewer may recommend the article for publication; recommend the article for publication following its post-review edits; or decline publication for reasons which shall be specified.

Copies of reviews or substantiated refusals are submitted to the author. Original copies of reviews should be stored at the editorial office for at least five years. Copies of reviews can be submitted on demand to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The article which complies with all Editorial Board requirements is included in the publication schedule.

Editorial office:

12 Neglinnaya Street, Moscow, 107016 Bank of Russia Money and Credit editorial board Telephones: 771-99-87, 771-99-90, 771-99-82, 771-99-93 (fax) E-mail: una@cbr.ru; knn4@cbr.ru