Requirements to authors

For authors

Dear authors! By the decision of the Panel of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation the theoretical academic and practical journal Money and Credit has been included in the list of leading reviewed scientific journals and editions publishing the main research findings of theses for Doctoral and Candidate degrees. We traditionally communicate the updated requirements to and conditions of article publication in the journal Money and Credit.

General requirements to format and content of materials submitted for publishing

  1. Articles should be in line with the journal subject matter and be of analytical rather than descriptive nature; the author should clearly determine the issues under research, their topicality, and research goals. Reviews should include conclusions, abstracts and summaries. Book and manual reviews should contain not only the list of components of the edition or the main aspects of its content, but also characteristics and assessment of the edition.
  2. In articles, authors should present their approach, conduct an analysis and provide judgments on the issue under research. The author’s stance should be reasoned and logical. 
  3. The title should be short and informative of the article’s content.
  4. The article should provide references to both information and statistical sources. The author is responsible for reliable quoting.
  5. The editorial board has the right to select articles corresponding to the subject matter of the edition, which are of scientific importance and interest for readers.
  6. The editorial board has the right not to publish articles affecting honour and dignity of third parties and containing suspicious information and advice.
  7. The journal does not publish articles of advertising nature.
  8. The journal does not publish materials with elements of plagiarism and other unauthorised use of intellectual property. Texts containing over 10% of borrowed information cannot be published. Articles received by the editorial board are checked with AntiPlagiat.ru (www.antiplagiat.ru).
  9. Previously unpublished articles are accepted for publishing. The author shall not offer his/her article to other journals and editions if it is accepted by the editorial board.
  10. Scientific articles should meet the HAC requirements to the format of scientific articles.

Technical requirements to article format

The editorial board accepts soft-copy articles either sent by email or CD recorded.

The article volume should not exceed 0.8 author’s sheet1, Times New Roman, 12-14 points, 1.5-space, А4, page numbers are obligatory.

Materials should be prepared in the text editor MS Word 97 or later versions (formats .rtf and .txt are acceptable for texts). Tables can be either included in a Word document or provided in MS Excel (Excel 97 or later versions).

Tables, charts and formulas should be numbered, tables should be provided with titles situated above the table, charts should be provided with underlines in Russian. Graphs and/or charts (raster images) should be supplementary provided in separate files: MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio or Adobe Illustrator.ai for graphs, and .jpeg, .tiff, Adobe Photoshop .psd, .eps, .dcs, .png, .ps, .sct or .pdf for charts. Resolution should be 300 ppi. Formulas can be prepared in Microsoft Equation 3.0. The editorial board does not accept graphs (diagrams) as raster images.

Each scientific article submitted to the journal shall contain the following information:

1.Information about the author (authors)


  • full name (in Russian and English);
  • full name of organisation – employer of each author, country, city/town (in Russian and English). If all authors are employed by the same organisation, the employer can be indicated for a group of authors;
  • each author’s email;
  • author’s mailing address and contact phone number (one for a group of authors is possible).


  • department within the organisation;
  • position, title, academic degree;
  • other information about authors.

2.Article title

In Russian and English.


The abstract should be formatted in compliance with GOST 7.9–95. Summary and abstract.

The abstract should include a characteristic of the principal subject, object issues, research goals and findings. The abstract should indicate new information provided in the research in comparison with other works similar by the subject matter and the target. The abstract should be brief and clear, free from secondary information, parenthesis, general and uninformative wordings.

Recommended volume – 500 characters.

In Russian and English.


Keywords or phrases should be separated by semicolon.

In Russian and English.

5.Rubric (code) is obligatory

Obligatory – UDC code and/or SRSTI code and/or HAC code (according to the effective researcher specialisation nomenclature).  

Optional – other library bibliographic subject classification indices.


Article references and/or lists of article references shall be drawn up in compliance with GOST R 7.0.5–2008. Bibliographic reference. General requirements and compilation rules.

References to the sources are given after the quotation in square brackets with indication of the source number, e.g. [7]. The reference list should be placed after the article, it should be numbered starting from the first reference and should be preceded by the title ‘References’ and should be compiled in the order of quotation in the text or in the alphabetical order. Each number should correspond to one reference.

Note.For materials other than scientific articles it is not obligatory to provide data in compliance with Clauses 1 and 2 in English and Clauses 3, 4 and 5.

No payment is collected from authors, including postgraduate students and doctoral candidates, for publication of articles in the journal Money and Credit.

Editorial office:

12 Neglinnaya Street, Moscow, 107016
Bank of Russia
Money and Credit editorial board
Telephones: 771-99-87, 771-99-90, 771-99-82, 771-99-93 (fax)
E-mail: una@cbr.ru; knn4@cbr.ru

1Author’s sheet – 40,000 characters including spaces, punctuation marks, figures and considering incomplete end lines as complete.