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Bank of Russia Board of Directors monetary policy meetings in 2020

In 2020, the Bank of Russia is to hold its Board of Directors’ monetary policy meetings on the following dates:

7 February

20 March

24 April

19 June

31 July

18 September

30 October

18 December

The core meetings of the Bank of Russia Board of Directors will take place on 20 March, 19 June, 18 September and 18 December. Following these meetings, the Bank of Russia Governor will hold a press conference. The key rate press release will include a table with the updated medium-term macroeconomic forecast. The Monetary Policy Report will be published one week after each of the above meetings (on the sixth business day)1.

Press releases on the Board of Directors’ monetary policy decisions are to be published at 13:30 Moscow time.


Except in December when the Monetary Policy Report will be published earlier because of the New Year holidays, on 23 December 2020.

08 August 2019

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