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imgBank of Russia issues new commemorative coin26/04/2018

imgAudit industry reform: dialogue with market participants20/04/2018

imgBank of Russia notes increased number of complaints about pension funds20/04/2018

imgInflation not likely to exceed target in 201820/04/2018

imgRussians’ inflation expectations decline20/04/2018

imgBank of Russia estimates actual external debt payments in 2018 Q2 – Q319/04/2018

imgReturn of inflation to target to emerge in second half of 201819/04/2018

imgLaunch of Bank of Russia regulatory platform19/04/2018

imgShare of new 200- and 2,000-ruble banknotes in cash structure grows18/04/2018

imgNumber of detected counterfeits keeps declining18/04/2018

imgBank of Russia participating in Moscow International Education Fair18/04/2018

imgBank of Russia experts to speak to entrepreneurs on best ways to interact with banks and raise funds16/04/2018

imgMarch increase in deposits offset seasonal outflow in early 201816/04/2018

imgInterbank rates approach Bank of Russia key rate in March13/04/2018

imgBank of Russia publishes macroprudential policy act for consultations13/04/2018

imgNew commemorative coin issued13/04/2018

imgResolution mechanism for insurers unveiled12/04/2018

imgRussians to take online test on financial literacy10/04/2018

imgFinancial education volunteers to meet for their regular congress09/04/2018

imgFinancial technology as development driver for payment area and retail sector tops EEU financial regulators’ meeting agenda09/04/2018

imgGDP gains support from moderate recovery in consumer demand06/04/2018

imgAgricultural insurance development: results of public consultations05/04/2018

imgRussians’ estimate of current inflation at historic lows04/04/2018

imgHigh-frequency trading: its volume and effect on financial market04/04/2018

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