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imgBank of Russia develops recommendations on information security when working with biometric identification15/02/2019

imgThe Bank of Russia has estimated the share of foreign capital in the aggregate charter capital of credit institutions15/02/2019

imgNon-residents increased their OFZ holdings in January15/02/2019

imgMicrofinance organisations to use EIR calculated using new limit values14/02/2019

imgJanuary impact of VAT on inflation was moderate14/02/2019

imgBank of Russia to prepare recommendations for financial institutions’ work persons with mental disabilities14/02/2019

imgBank of Russia holds first consultation meeting with microfinance companies13/02/2019

imgBank of Russia, Rosmolodezh and Association of Volunteer Centres sign agreement on financial education cooperation13/02/2019

imgBanking regulation: 2018 Q4 Bulletin released13/02/2019

imgMortgage platform joins Marketplace13/02/2019

imgJanuary inflation held at the lower bound of Bank of Russia forecast12/02/2019

imgRising global demand for risk assets drives improvement in domestic financial markets12/02/2019

imgLegal framework established for first BoR regulatory sandbox project08/02/2019

imgBank of Russia updates NPF pension savings investing rules06/02/2019

imgSecurities market: Bank of Russia lays groundwork to bring switch to proportionate regulation closer06/02/2019

imgBank of Russia publishes IOSCO recommendations to ensure external audit quality05/02/2019

img27th Annual Catalogue of Commemorative and Investment Coins released01/02/2019

imgDraft regulations for nominating representatives of self-regulatory organisations (SROs) and banking associations to the Financial Ombudsman Service Board01/02/2019

imgInflation expectations continue to grow moderately in January01/02/2019

img2018 GDP on course to post 1.5%-2% growth – close to upper forecast range01/02/2019

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