• 1 Kopeck

  • 5 Kopecks

  • 10 Kopecks

  • 50 Kopecks

  • 1 ₽

  • 2 ₽

  • 5 ₽

  • 10 ₽

1 коп. аверс
1 коп. реверс
1 коп гурт

The Bank of Russia 1-Kopeck Coin of 1997

The coin is disc-shaped, white in color and has ledges along the rim on both sides — obverse and reverse. The material of the coin has ferromagnetic characteristics.

The obverse

  • in the center — the relief image of Saint George the Warrior on horseback killing a serpent with a spear;
  • to the right below, under the front hoof of the horse — the Cyrillic letters M (Moscow) or C-П (Saint Petersburg), indicating the mint-producer;
  • above from the left to the right — the inscription along the rim: “БАНК РОССИИ” (BANK OF RUSSIA) divided by the figure of Saint George the Warrior;
  • below under the image of the serpent — the year of mintage.

The reverse

  • in the center, a little to the right — the denomination of the coin: the figure 1, under it — the word “КОПЕЙКА” (KOPECK) written horizontal;
  • at the bottom of the disc — the stylized vegetable ornament in form of two branches;
Nominal  1 Kopeck
Diameter 15.50 mm
Thickness 1.25 mm
Weight 1.50 g

Edge: plain

Material: bi-metal (copper-nickel clad steel)