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The Bank of Russia Coins of 1997

The Bank of Russia coins with denominations 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 Rubles made of non-precious metals are issued with different obverses and reverses in the frame of the commemorative programs of the Bank of Russia. You can find the information about these issues following “Commemorative coins — Commemorative and Investment Coins Database”

The mint trade marks depicted on the coins: Saint-Petersburg Mint: СП МД or С-П; Moscow Mint: ММД or М

The Bank of Russia 1-Kopeck Coin of 1997

Diameter 15.50 mm
Thickness 1.25 mm
Weight 1.50 g

Edge: plain

Material: bi-metal (copper-nickel clad steel)


The coin is disc-shaped, white in color and has ledges along the rim on both sides — obverse and reverse. The material of the coin has ferromagnetic characteristics.

The obverse:

  • in the center — the relief image of Saint George the Warrior on horseback killing a serpent with a spear;
  • to the right below, under the front hoof of the horse — the Cyrillic letters M (Moscow) or C-П (Saint Petersburg), indicating the mint-producer;
  • above from the left to the right — the inscription along the rim: “БАНК РОССИИ” (BANK OF RUSSIA) divided by the figure of Saint George the Warrior;
  • below under the image of the serpent — the year of mintage.

The reverse:

  • in the center, a little to the right — the denomination of the coin: the figure 1, under it — the word “КОПЕЙКА” (KOPECK) written horizontal;
  • at the bottom of the disc — the stylized vegetable ornament in form of two branches;