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Project and Processes Department

The Projects and Processes Department is responsible for the implementation and development of the systems of project and process management in the Bank of Russia, is directly engaged in the management of projects and programmes, and also organises and coordinates the reengineering and optimisation of business processes.

The aims of project management are to increase the efficiency of functions vested with the Bank of Russia, optimise the timing of their implementation, and enhance the efficiency of budget execution, as well as the transparency, relevance and timeliness of adopted managerial decisions.

To this end, the Department elaborates and improves a single methodology, standards and processes of project management, organises and controls their execution, provides methodological and consulting assistance on project management issues to the structural units, and also supports the operation of collective bodies of project management in the Bank of Russia.

One of the key objectives of the Department is to ensure the coordination and control of the implementation of projects and programmes, consolidate and update the Bank of Russia’s project portfolio, and manage it. The Department is also responsible for the deployment and development of instruments designed to reengineer Bank of Russia business processes; it coordinates and controls the reengineering and optimisation of business processes, and implements targeted business processes.

The Department’s priority area is the development of a methodology of agile approaches in the Bank of Russia, and the coordination and support of structural units within the framework of the application of these methodologies and practices. The Department is engaged in the organisation of training in project and process management, agile approaches, as well as the internal certification of Bank of Russia staff in these areas.

The Department’s remit also includes support for the development of the methodology for the processes of collecting initiatives, the search for and expert assessment of solutions, with the use of best practices and the engagement of a broad range of participants, in order to increase the efficiency of solutions (crowdsourcing); the implementation and development of the Bank of Russia’s crowdsourcing platform, as well as support for the realisation of crowdsourcing projects.

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