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Kirill Pronin

Kirill Pronin

Born on 14 August 1979 in Kazan.


2001: graduated from the Volga Region Academy of Public Administration with a degree in public and municipal management.


1998–2005: worked his way from Inspector of Section to Deputy Chairman of the Saratov Regional Branch of the Federal Commission for the Securities Market of Russia.

2005–2013: Head of Section responsible for the support of operations in the Saratov Region; Deputy Head of the Regional Branch of the Federal Financial Markets Service in the South-Eastern region.

2014–2017: Deputy Head of the Volga-Vyatka Main Branch of the Bank of Russia.

2017–2018: Deputy Director of the Securities Market and Commodity Market Department of Bank of Russia.

January—May 2018: Deputy Director of the Insurance Market Department of the Bank of Russia.

2018–2020: Director of the Collective Investment and Trust Management Department of the Bank of Russia.

Since June 2020: Director of the Investment Finance Intermediation Department of the Bank of Russia.

Since June 2021: Director of the Financial Technology Department of the Bank of Russia.

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