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Counterfeit money statistics for 2016

Photo: NEstudio / shutterstock

Photo: NEstudio / shutterstock

In 2016, 61,046 counterfeit Bank of Russia banknotes and coins were detected in the Russian banking system. The 5,000-ruble banknotes take the lead with 36,184 pieces. The number of the 1,000-ruble counterfeit banknotes is almost one-third less (22,321). The 10-ruble counterfeit banknotes take the bottom place with 15 pieces. As for 10-ruble and 5-ruble coins, 20 and 153 forged pieces were detected respectively.

In 2016, 4,546 counterfeit foreign banknotes were detected with November taking the lead (863 pieces) and January being at the bottom (149). The US dollar is the unbeaten champion with 4,334 counterfeit banknotes. Also, some counterfeit euro, Chinese renminbi, British pound were found, as well as two Japanese yen banknotes and one Australian dollar.


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