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imgDealer activity regulation: public consultation outcomes19/02/2018

imgBank of Russia Museum acquires a new coin17/02/2018

imgLong-term household lending rates reset historic lows amid low inflation16/02/2018

imgRussian economy keeps up the positive trend16/02/2018

imgExperts with disabilities to check Russian banks for accessibility15/02/2018

imgPublic hearing of draft Financial Inclusion Strategy for Russia has taken place15/02/2018

imgThe Bank of Russia has estimated the share of foreign capital in the aggregate charter capital of credit institutions15/02/2018

imgSME support initiatives discussed at Bank of Russia14/02/2018

imgBank lending continues to grow in January13/02/2018

imgBank of Russia reports strong rise in complaints in Q4 12/02/2018

imgCrowdfunding platforms to test future regulation of their market08/02/2018

imgFirst Federal Financial Inclusion Strategy for Russia drawn up08/02/2018

imgBank of Russia approves Guidelines for Financial Technologies Development for 2018-202007/02/2018

imgBank of Russia starts to re-orient customers to new payment services06/02/2018

imgMortgage lending growth registers record highs in 2017: 1.1 million new loans, totalling 2 billion rubles06/02/2018

imgLife insurance development: results of public consultations05/02/2018

imgAccess to securitisation to become easier for banks05/02/2018

imgNew commemorative coin issued05/02/2018

imgProfessional participants recommended to avoid practices putting customers at risk02/02/2018

imgThe Bank of Russia opens Centre of Excellence for counteracting illegal activity in the financial market02/02/2018

imgNew commemorative coins issued in the series ‘Outstanding Personalities of Russia’01/02/2018

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