Editorial Board of Bank of Russia Publications

Editorial Board Chairman:
First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia
Deputy Chairman of Editorial Board:
Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia
Editorial Board members:
Vladimir Chistyukhin Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia
Nadezhda Ivanova Adviser to the Governor of the Bank of Russia 
Alla Bakina Director, National Payment System Department
Alexey Guznov Director, Legal Department
Igor Dmitriev Director, Monetary Policy Department
Ekaterina Prokunina Director, Statistics and Data Management Department
Lyudmila Tyazhelnikova Director, Department for Market Access and Activity Termination of Financial Institutions
Elena Fyodorova Adviser to the First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia
Tatiana Zabrodina Deputy Director, Public Relations Department
Alla Borisenkova Head, Public Communications Division, Research and Forecasting Department
Mikhail Bezdudny Head, Division of Banking Sector Analysis and Financial Sustainability Monitoring, Banking Supervision Department
Executive Editor:
Head, Publication Section, Division of Publication and Website Support, Public Relations Department