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imgThird Meeting of the Russian-Brazilian Working Group on Interbank and Financial Cooperation23/05/2017

imgThe Long Night of Museums at the Bank of Russia is becoming a regular event22/05/2017

imgIMF: Inflation in Russia to reach the target in 201719/05/2017

imgInflation closes in on target in April19/05/2017

imgConsiderable growth in bank lending registered in April18/05/2017

imgBank of Russia expects liquidity surplus to hold18/05/2017

imgTrend towards decline in rates on consumer loans continues16/05/2017

imgFinancial sector: modest growth with an eye on risks16/05/2017

imgThird All-Russian Congress of Financial Awareness Volunteers convenes on 17 May16/05/2017

imgSochi to host FINOPOLIS-201715/05/2017

imgNew commemorative coin issued12/05/2017

imgThe Bank of Russia’s services to be accessible via public services portal12/05/2017

imgXBRL.ru website launched10/05/2017

imgThe Bank of Russia commemorates veterans on Victory Day05/05/2017

imgThe Bank of Russia registers a drop in mortgage rates05/05/2017

imgRussian securities account for over half the assets of open-end UIFs04/05/2017

imgThe Bank of Russia presents its 2016 Annual Report to the State Duma03/05/2017

imgBanking Regulation: a new BoR bulletin03/05/2017

imgRebound in investment and consumption set to boost economic growth03/05/2017

imgThe Bank of Russia notifies eurobond issuers of the need to receive a LEI code03/05/2017

imgIndo-Russian Working Group on Banking and Finance holds meeting03/05/2017

imgInflation expectations of Russians hit all-time low in April02/05/2017

imgThe Bank of Russia approves the first baseline standard on the financial market02/05/2017

imgNew commemorative coin issued02/05/2017