Enquiries and Complaints Form

Dear visitors of the Bank of Russia online reception,

Citizens’ appeals are considered in compliance with Federal Law No. 59-FZ, dated 2 May 2006, ‘On the Procedure for Considering Appeals of the Citizens of the Russian Federation’ (hereinafter, Federal Law No. 59-FZ).

Before sending an appeal you should take into account the following.

It is recommended that the fields of an electronic message form should be filled in correctly.

You should pay attention to the fact that in compliance with Federal Law No. 59-FZ you will not receive an answer in the following cases:

— if an appeal lacks the surname of the citizen who has filed an appeal or an e-mail, where an answer should be sent to;
— if an appeal contains obscene or insulting words, dangers to life, health or property of an official or members of his/her family;
— if the text of an appeal is hard to load.

A written appeal containing the issues whose settlement are outside the Bank of Russia competence shall be sent within seven days from the date of registration to the respective body or an official, whose terms of reference cover the settlement of the issues indicated in the appeal, with a notification of a citizen, who has sent an appeal, of the appeal redirection.

Notification of the author of the registration or redirection and an answer to his/her appeal shall be sent automatically to the e-mail indicated by the citizen, who has filed the appeal.

In compliance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ, dated 27 July 2006, ‘On Personal Data’, the Bank of Russia communicates that citizens’ electronic appeals and answers to them sent online shall be transmitted through insecure communications channels. The Bank of Russia shall not bear responsibility for preserving data confidentiality in the course of their online transmission.

Information on personal data of the authors’ electronic appeals shall be stored and processed in compliance with the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation on personal data.